Kojima checking MGS Ground Zeroes English version and new interface photo

Today Kojima continued doing checks for Metal Gear Solid V. He also commented some more on the music importing feature, and how you can listen to music of your choice whenever you want to, and mentioning his own music of choice.


“Snake in GZ always carries “Walkman”. You can listen to any song you like with it during the mission or even on the helicopter. I think 007 ‘s theme of Bond (arranged by MOBY) & “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” theme fit well when sneaking in. I unexpectedly cried over Adel’s “Skyfall” when rescuing.”

This time Kojima checked the English version of the game as well.


“Checking & adjusting English version today.”

Kojima even continued checking while he was eating.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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