New MGSV Ground Zeroes Info: Marking system can be switched off, improved AI on hard difficulty, and more

Here are some interesting bits of information about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, taken from a newly released narrated gameplay video.

  • Each mission has two difficulty settings: normal and hard. On hard mode, the AI and game settings provide more challenge.  Enemies have better vision and are more aware of their surroundings, which means it’s easier to get spotted from a distance. Also, they will adapt to the situation, as well as use teamwork to coordinate and try to corner Snake.
  • Cutscenes can be paused and skipped, like in MGS4.
  • The marking system can be switched off in the options. Players will be rewarded with a special bonus for clearing missions without using it.
  • You can get additional intel over the radio by Miller and your support team, by pressing the shoulder button when the icon appears while scoping the area.
  • Snake can eavesdrop on enemy soldiers to gather hints and intel. This can also be done from a distance using the binoculars, as they have a directional microphone built into them.
  • Covered vehicles that obscure the driver allow Snake to get closer to enemies than open vehicles (such as jeeps), but as long as you drive normally enemies won’t quickly get suspicious.
  • One of the options when grabbing a soldier is making him call his comrades, so you can lure them towards you and eliminate them.
  • More dangerous landing zones for your helicopters are colored orange on your map.
  • Each mission will offer side missions as well, such as rescuing soldiers.

All of this info comes from a gameplay video on Xbox One, with commentary by Sean Eyestone of Kojima Productions. To see the video, watch it below, or go here.

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