Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Solid V: There’s a significant difference between normal and hard

During the latest podcast, Kojima Productions staff members once again talked about Metal Gear Solid V’s difficulty, or rather its perceived lack thereof.

“Some people are still worried about, you know, will this be challenging enough? Because they’ve seen some of the gameplay videos, and think it looks a little bit easy.” Sean Eyestone said. “Keep in mind these videos were shot in normal mode. There is a significant difference between normal difficulty and hard difficulty.”

“At its core, it’s still a stealth game.” Jorge Mendoza assured. “So you have all these options, but going through the game trigger happy will make the game so much more difficult.”


Level designer Jordan Amaro, who was a guest at this episode, said he played the game on hard mode with Reflex Mode turned off, and was surprised by the difficulty. He feels it’s important people know this game not something that has nothing to do with Metal Gear anymore. “The DNA hasn’t changed.” he assured. “It’s still the Metal Gear that everyone knows.”

Also, according to the staff, turning off all optional assistance like Reflex Mode and the marking system, while playing on hard mode will be quite a challenge, especially if you want to complete everything.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 9

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