Some Metal Gear Solid V info: Deja Vu, marking system, first person aiming and more

Here are some small bits of information about Metal Gear Solid V from the latest Kojima Productions Alert, the studio’s official podcast.

  • With the Deja Vu Mission, Kojima wants people to look back and think about what has changed and what hasn’t.

As announced earlier, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will include an exclusive mission that will take players back to some memorable moments from the first Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation. Kojima wants people to ask themselves: ‘Have games really changed that much?’ At the same time you’ll be able to compare the graphics between the classic and the new, but perhaps players will realize the core has stayed the same.

  • Turning off the marking system means the enemies will just appear on your map, not on the screen itself.

After you turned off the marking system, spotting enemies while using your binoculars will still make them appear on your map. So the markers won’t be there in the game world itself, but you’ll still be able to keep track of enemy patrols. According to Sean Eyestone, it does make things much harder though.


  • You can still switch between first person and third person.

Like in previous Metal Gear games you’ll still be able to switch between first person aiming and third person aiming. Kojima Productions said it’ll be most similar to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

  • People you have rescued in Ground Zeroes will be able to help you in The Phantom Pain.

Kojima Productions didnt want to go into too much detail about this, but the people you rescue in Ground Zeroes (presumably during side quests as well) will be able to help you later on in The Phantom Pain. As many fans know, Metal Gear Solid V will have a base building and managing system similar to the one in Portable Ops and Peace Walker, and it seems like the people you recruit in Ground Zeroes will carry over to the main game. “If you rescue them, and put them on your helicopter, they will be able to help you in some way in the future.” Sean Eyestone said. And while there will be more advantages to playing Ground Zeroes before The Phantom Pain, the staff did not want to reveal everything just yet.

  • Kojima Productions is experimenting with Snake as a character.

Another thing talked about during the podcast was Snake as a character in Metal Gear Solid V. “He [Kojima] wants to let the players kind of build their own Snake.” level designer Jordan Amaro explained. “So this is a very different approach.” He talked about what Kojima refers to as ‘the character versus the player paradox’. “I am a player, but I’m controlling a character.” The player has a different background than Snake. “He wants to tell a story where all the players are being themselves in the game.” This is a very challenging task, and they are experimenting with it every day, with how level design, story and mechanics all come together.

No groundbreaking new details, but still some interesting stuff.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 9

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