Could this be a character from Project Ogre?

Hideo Kojima posted a photo on his Twitter of Yoji Shinkawa showing off a new Zone of the Enders action figure. What’s also interesting about this photo though, is the character concept that can be seen in the back.

It is a drawing of a character that can best be described as a female figure holding a large sword. But there’s more to it, because the character is fitted with two pairs of wings: one on her back and one on her ankles. In addition, she also seems to have what looks like a devil’s tail. Could this be related to the Project Ogre project? Kojima already mentioned the ‘ogre’ in the title should be taken as a game ‘with the use of ogre’, as he put it. Aside from Project Ogre, he has also referred to the game as his ‘devil project’.  On the other hand, the appearance seems somewhat reminiscent of Zone of the Enders, although this character looks more like a human than an orbital frame.

Keep in mind, this is all just speculation, and the drawing could mean nothing at all. But it is interesting nonetheless, and the devilish look does seem to coincide with what has been said about Project Ogre. Of course, it’s debatable wether Kojima would suddenly post a photo revealing a character from his secretive title on the internet. So there’s an argument to be made for either side. For actual details regarding Project Ogre we will probably have to wait until E3.

Update April 10 2012: Hideo Kojima posted a clearer picture of the piece of artwork on his Twitter, alongside the text: ‘Found at Yoji’s desk. What’s that?’.

Souce: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

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