MGSV actor Jay Tavare talks about playing Code Talker: complex Navajo dialogue, recording not done yet

One of the new characters of Metal Gear Solid V shown so far is Code Talker, a 100 year old man. Last year actor Jay Tavare revealed he’d be playing this role, while the actual face is created using a sculpted head.


Now, linking back to Metal Gear Informer’s news post on his Facebook, he shared some more information about the process.

A first look at “Code Talker” the character I voice in the upcoming super game Metal Gear Solid V. Phantom Pain. Knowing how to speak some Athabskan did help in learning the complex Navajo dialog I had so far. Thanks to my Elders I know I did it justice. We are not done yet so this year is more work. :)))

Athabaskan language is the language spoken by indigenous people of North America. Navajo is one of these languages, spoken in the south-west of the United States. Either way, it seems like recording is still in progress, but it will be interesting hearing authentic languages actually spoken in the game. Maybe languages in other countries, like Afghanistan and Africa, will be in there as well.

Source: Jay Tavare Facebook

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