Kojima on MGSV’s use of the single camera shot

As with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Kojima is planning to use a constant camera movement in The Phantom Pain, without making any cuts – or at least as little as possible, to convey a feeling of one big, consistent world. He also wants to create seamless transitions between gameplay and cutscenes. On Twitter, Kojima talks about a movie doing the same thing.

Saw “Rope” by Hitchcock. “MGSV” uses almost 1 camera shot b/w cutscene & gameplay. “Rope” was experimental movie created 65 years ago. W/o digital technology back then, instead used close-ups of the back or lid in every 10 min. Interesting gimmicks outside of the window too.

To clarify: as Kojima says here, Hitchcock’s movie Rope was meant to look like it was one big camera shot, without any cuts. However, due to technical limitations at the time, this wasn’t entirely possible. For example, film reels weren’t any longer than 10 minutes, which is what Kojima is referring to. So Hitchcock had to use some tricks to make it look like one shot, for example bringing objects so close to the screen he could hide a cut.

It’s interesting Kojima brings it up since this may mean he is also looking at certain tricks.

MGS-Ground-Zeroes-Title-Screen-Wounded Big Boss

Another picture posted by Kojima. Snake is back in the helicopter (between missions), but this time he seems to be quite wounded. Will wounds sustained in battle ‘carry over’ to the next mission? Maybe Snake’s wounds even need to be tended to at Mother Base in between missions.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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