Japanese limited bonuses for MGSV: Ground Zeroes revealed: cassette tape stand and reversible Shinkawa cover

Kojima Productions has revealed the Japanese limited bonuses for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Early buyers at Konami’s own store Konami Style will receive a special stand for positioning their smart phone (which can be used to display the game’s map). The stand resembles a cassette tape case.



Apparently, the cassette itself is actually a notepad, representing a cassette tape from the game (Snake has to retrieve it during one of the missions).


Not all smart phone models will fit in the stand.

Also, a limited amount of Shinkawa-designed reversible covers for the game is also available as an extra.


Then there is some bonus downloadable content to be used in The Phantom Pain, staff members for Mother Base to be precise. The Japanese store GEO will offer a mystery character as well (the same one perhaps?), while another store, Tsatuya, gives you an extra weapon.


Let’s hope Konami has plans to bring this to the west as well.

Source: Konami Style Japan, MGS GZ Official Japanese Site

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