MGSV info from Game Informer, main story of Ground Zeroes is about 2 hours long

The latest issue of Game Informer has a 20-page special dedicated to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. A forum user on NeoGAF read through the story and summarized some of the info. Here is what he wrote (there is also some story info in the dark grey text, block to read but be warned for possible spoilers):

“The main campaign is 2 hours long, it could be speed run in 5 minutes.

GI says they tried some extra missions but not all, did not mention how many there are but said they all take place in the same base. 

Gameplay sounds like a blast but you pretty much know all the info from watching the gameplay demonstrations. You have to find all hidden XOF patches to access the console exclusive mission. A little more on GZ, it uses an pad app where you can use a pad to be your classic radar. In the game you can access it through a menu but it is real time on the pad.

They spoiled the entire story, what little there is.

Now MGSV, it takes place 9 years after GZ while Boss was in a coma. It starts with the trailer we saw at the hospital when its attacked by “Those who dont exist” which includes a fire version of Volgin, Psycho Mantis and more. Ocelot saves him and the game takes off from there. Boss ditches the name Snake and finally likes to be called Big Boss. Kojima altered his look to signify Boss’ new attitude so he has a robotic arm and the shrapnel which becomes a horn sticking out of head.

For those wondering how Les Enfants Terribles fits in with the timeline he says it will all make sense at the end of the game.

The game area is 200 times larger than the GZ base. Gigantic open areas to explore which with many small bases, houses, farms, etc to check out. Some spots are guarded some are not. You can choose to get into fights or avoid them. It wont be one giant open world but many different large maps because you travel around the world.

Kojima says the games will play alike but in TPP its not constant danger like in GZ, you can choose to escape a base if you are seen in TPP for instance. The base building from PW is back, now there is a new base (probably Outer Heaven) and you rescue people with the fulton recovery just like in PW.

The bases will be more interactive, everyone will have their own and you will be able to hop online and visit a friends base if you want. If you rescue more hostages in GZ they will be transferred to TPP. Says players who play TPP will be at a clear advantage for TPP than those who don’t.”

Some interesting new info, though the length of Ground Zeroes may be disappointing to many people. Keep in mind though, they didn’t complete the entire game in two hours.

Source: NeoGAF

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