Kojima to attend PlayStation 4 launch event in Japan

February 22nd will see the release of the PlayStation 4 in Japan. To celebrate, a launch event will be held at the 8th floor of the Ginza Sony Building.

Several important game developers will be attending, including Shinji Hashimoto, the producer of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, Naoki Yoshida, producer and directer of Final Fantasy XIV, and Nagoshi Minoru Hiroshi, general director of the Yakuza series.

As was the case with the PS4 launch event in the US, Hideo Kojima is invited as well.


“6 more days means this weekend.”


“Knack looks to me like Snake. “Kept you waiting huh?””

For some more information on the event, go here (text is in Japanese) or here. Sony will also be live streaming the event on NicoVideo and Ustream. The event starts at 10:30 PM JST, on February 21st.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Gematsu

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