Kojima answers (or rather avoids) questions about Zero and Solid Snake in Game Informer interview

Game Informer uploaded a video interview with Kojima (translated by Jorge Mendoza) about Metal Gear Solid V on their site. However, most of the information was already released earlier. On specific story questions Kojima mainly tried to avoid giving a concrete answer so he wouldn’t spoil the story, but here is the minimal information he was able to share.

When asked about the role The Patriots and Zero will play in The Phantom Pain, Kojima was very careful with his answers. “The only thing I can say: there is Skull Face, there is Major Zero.” he said. “The relationship between them will be portrayed.” On the relationship between Zero and Big Boss, Kojima simply said: “It will be portrayed.” He did add that it was not the ‘main topic’.


Responding to the question whether The Phantom Pain will bridge the gap between Big Boss’ and Solid Snake’s story, Kojima said, smiling: “I’m so tempted to tell you, and I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t.” However, he concluded by saying that the games ‘will put things together in a very specific way’.

When talking about gameplay aspects, Kojima said that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain play more or less the same, but because The Phantom Pain is a lot more open it does change how the game feels.

As revealed earlier, you will be able to walk around the base you’ve build in The Phantom Pain. “When you go back to the base, there will be several events.” Kojima told Game Informer. “It might be interesting to go back to the base every once in a while.”

Furthermore, Kojima said he wanted people who don’t have a lot of time to be able to play the game as well. There will be short missions, longer missions, and episodic chapters.

To watch the entire interview, head over to Game Informer’s website.

Source: Game Informer

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