Some Rising details, and no more Colonel Campbell in future MGS games?

Hideo Kojima posted once again some updates on his Twitter regarding the things he is working on. Yesterday he was checking out the PlayStation Vita version of MGS3, and apparently it’s good, because according to Kojima time flied while he was busy with it.

He also spent some time on Project Ogre, 3 hours to be precise, in which he ‘changed the structure of the last part’.

Kojima also talked a bit about the recently deceased Takeshi Aono, the Japanese voice actor for Roy Campbell in the MGS series. Kojima posted:

‘As 80% of movie depends on the sound, the character’s characteristic depends on their voice, I think. I’ve always created based on that theory. Similar to the Frank Jeager, Ninja character ended when my favorite Mr. Shiozawa passed away, I cannot think of anyone for Campbell except Mr. Aono. Sorry guys.’

It sounds like we won’t see the colonel return in any of the future MGS titles, but of course it can always change, if Kojima does find someone who is able to provide the voice for those characters.

Today is also the day that issue 217 of Play Magazine comes out, which promised ‘stunning new details’ on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The magazine features a two page spread in the form of a preview for the game, but most of the details were already known. The screens posted in the magazine are also already existing ones.

One new piece of information Play gave us is the fact that Raiden won’t be able to use guns at all in the game, only enemies will have them. Raiden will use solely blades, and aside from his katana he will also have a subweapon that he can use, such as a dagger.

Another new detail is the fact that Raiden is able to parry enemy attacks, even when his back is turned against them.

The game will be released in Q4 of 2012.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s TwitterThe Silent Chief

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