A few bits of information from Game Informer’s Ground Zeroes podcast

A few days ago Game Informer uploaded a podcast, talking about certain aspects of the game in detail, as well as answering some questions sent in by readers.


The hour long podcast was hosted by the journalists who visited Kojima Productions in Japan to try out the game and talk with Kojima. Most of it is speculation or already known information, but here are the bits that are new:

  • In Ground Zeroes there is an 11-page recap that explains in short about the events that took place before, and who the important characters are.
  • There aren’t a lot of cutscenes in Ground Zeroes. The longest are the one at the start (which we have seen in the first trailer) and the one at the end.
  • Though the overal tone is very dark and grim, there is still humor in the game, mainly in the side missions. There is also special cameo escort mission that they think fans will like. There are at least three missions with a lot of humor in it in Ground Zeroes.
  • There are no boss battles in Ground Zeroes (at least not in the modes Game Informer played, which includes the story mode).
  • There is no multiplayer in Ground Zeroes.

To listen to the entire podcast, follow the link below.

Source: Game Informer

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