Some new MGSV info: healing spray, length and footprints

A while ago Konami organized a Boot Camp where international press got a chance to play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Spanish gaming magazine Hobby Consolas was there as well, and there some new bits of information can be found in their cover story.


  • According to the article, health regeneration is only for minor damage. When sustaining severe damage, the player will have to use a healing spray.
  • The writer doesn’t feel Ground Zeroes is short, they think an average player can easily put 8-10 hours into the game. The best player at Kojima Productions spent more than 100 hours discovering all secrets.
  • Among the features of the iDroid app is the ability to see where other players have been detected on the map.
  • They point out the Fox Engine looks ‘simply spectacular’, with the best facial animation in the industry, and body animations reacting to where bullets hit.
  • Snake leaves footprints in the mud, which can be spotted by guards. This is just one of the things that adds to the difficulty, other things include better fields of visions for guards, randomized patrol routes and search lights; there are many things that can give your position away.

Source: Hobby Consolas, via

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