PlayStation Access video interview with Kojima and Shinkawa, plus new gameplay clips

PlayStation Access uploaded a new video interview with Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa. There are also new gameplay clips, so it’s definitely worth a watch.

Here is also a recap of the information given during the interview:

Kojima says that releasing Ground Zeroes as a prologue wasn’t as much a strategic move, as it was because he just wanted to show people the game. It would have been impossible to get The Phantom Pain ready in time for the PS4 release window, given its sheer scale.

Character design itself hasn’t changed, but the process of creating a character is different. First it was done by hand, not it’s a more ‘mathematical’ process. What has changed the most is the amount of information they can convey to the player, such as wether the character is feeling pain or anger, or is upset.

When asked about their favorite character design, Kojima mentioned the Cyborg Ninja (Gray Fox), because Shinkawa came up with something very different than he had in mind, and he liked it a lot. The character would have turned out very different if it wasn’t for Shinkawa, and he became a very popular character.

PlayStation gamers have helped shape the series in what it is today, and the Deju Vu mission is sort of a way to say thanks to them. It’s a homage to 15 years of Metal Gear Solid. Kojima thinks the mission will make people want to go back to the original Metal Gear Solid and replay it.

The open world changes the nature of the game. Kojima wanted players to feel the dangers of getting spotted. Gamers will have to change the way they play compared to previous Metal Gear games. Shinkawa thinks the game will be the most fun if players take their time and think of strategies to complete the mission.

When the journalist asked if we will see Raiden in the game, Kojima answered with a simple ‘no’.

Update: Here is the gameplay video (running on PlayStation 4) with commentary by PlayStation Access.

In this video you can see Snake use different vehicles, blow stuff up with C4 to create diversions, and use CQC to chain attacks together like in Peace Walker.

Source: PlayStation Access

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