Finding all badges in Ground Zeroes is challenging, and other new bits of information

Here are some new bits of information from GameSpot’s latest Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes article.


  • Gamespot’s editor doesn’t think Ground Zeroes is just a demo, stating it ‘truly is a prologue game’.
  • The editor spent nine hours playing Ground Zeroes, and his completion rate was only 30%. This included beating every mission, but not in every way possible. He also points out that collecting all the badges (to unlock the bonus mission) was very challenging, because there are many places to explore in Camp Omega.
  • He spent about three hours on the side ops, ranking poorly. He would have liked to replay them for better ranks if he had had the time. Better ranks also reward you with bonus items.
  • According to the editor, the slow motion mechanic does not make the game easier. The fact that you have to spot enemies yourself instead of relying on your radar adds to the difficulty.
  • If you leave the base through one of the exits, the game asks you if you want to quit the mission and return to the main menu.

Source: Gamespot

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