Kojima on why producing the games himself is necessary

As the head of Kojima Productions, Kojima is a busy man. These days there are many other things that need his attention beside creating the games. Still, Kojima feels like he needs to be the producer of his own titles, he said on Twitter.

Since PW(PSP) in 2010, I’ve worked on FOX Engine, other titles, & building up LA Studio. It’s been 4 yrs releasing my self produced title.

Not only game dev but also at the same time doing business&promotion, producing, checking other titles’ related matters etc.

If I were to dedicate my full 24/7, it’d complete much more in depth & quickly. But in order to complete what I like, I ought to do producing by myself.

Though there is always the business side of things, being the producer of his own games does give him the freedom he wants to have. And Kojima isn’t someone who easily sacrifices his vision.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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