Kojima Station Episode 1 summary – skipping cutscene affects enemy positions, and more

Today Kojima Productions put out their first episode of Kojima Station, both a Japanese and an English version. Sean Eyestone, Ken Mendoza, Ludvig Forssell and Chris Johns talked a bit about the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes launch and the BAFTA event, before going more in depth into the game. Here is a short summary of the topics discussed in this episode.

Ground Zeroes comes with download codes for The Phantom Pain (register at Konami Core) to unlock special things.

Next up was a gameplay recording showing off the skills of one of the studio’s top players. The staff commented on the video.

If you skip the intro cutscene, enemy positions will be different because they move in realtime during the opening scene.

There is a new move: throwing enemies you’re carrying. This will knock them out (from sleep status to knocked out).

You can eavesdrop on enemy conversations to find out the location of characters (POWs) to recruit.

Alert status is indicated by the music (since there is no longer a soliton radar that displays it).


About the iDroid App: By completing challenges in Ground Zeroes (such as getting a certain amount of head shots) you can unlock new characters in the standalone Mother Base game.

Message from Kojima: Back in the day games were all about mastering your skills through multiple playthroughs and about interactivity, and he wanted to recreate that type of game with Ground Zeroes.

Next time: In the next episode they will talk to creative producer Matsuhana, and Yoji Shinkawa (and show his workspace). In the Japanese version, Ludvig Forssell will talk about the sound side, spilling secrets about how they do stuff. The show will be streamed at a more convenient time.

The next episode may come next week, and fans are encouraged to leave comments and recommendations in the meantime, as the show is still a work in progress. If people want to see Kojima in one of the episodes, they need a lot of people to ask for it, and then they can have him on the show.


Source: Kojima Productions Official Site

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