Kojima discusses some of his favorite Metal Gear Solid moments

In a video posted by IGN, Hideo Kojima revealed some of his favorite moments in the Metal Gear Solid series.

The death of Sniper Wolf
Metal Gear Solid 1

The first moment Kojima mentioned is the death scene of Sniper Wolf. Kojima really likes the music in that scene and the dialogue between Snake and Otacon. Otacon asks Snake what he is fighting for. Snake answers: ‘If we’ll make it through this, I’ll tell you.” Kojima points out that this is also a message to the player.

Sniper Wolf Death Scene

Gray Fox vs REX
Metal Gear Solid 1

The next scene Kojima talks about is from the same game: the battle between Gray Fox and Metal Gear REX. What Kojima likes about this scene is how it’s suddenly like a Kung Fu movie, whereas they were focusing on making a very realistic game up to that point.


Raiden throws away his dog tags
Metal Gear Solid 2

At the end of Metal Gear Solid 2, after all the revelations that came before Raiden is left with a lot of questions about his identity and his role in the world. Him and Snake have a conversation, and Raiden takes off his dogtags. On it you can read the name the player entered at the start of the game, and Raiden throws this identity away. Kojima really likes this because it’s something that can only be done in a videogame, and it’s representative of the theme of the game.


Big Boss salutes The Boss’ grave
Metal Gear Solid 3

After having to kill her during his mission, Big Boss visits the grave of his former mentor The Boss, and salutes her. This is the first time we see Snake cry, and if you press the button at that moment to see through Snake’s eye, your vision is blurred by his tears. This is also something that can only be done in a game.


The title screen scene
Metal Gear Solid 4

This scene keeps looping until you start the game. You see an old Snake on a graveyard. He approaches Big Boss’ grave and pulls out a gun. The game will show how the story got to that point. This is only at the end of the game, but because of the title screen it’s also the very first scene the player sees. It’s a very dark scene that sets the tone.


The microwave scene
Metal Gear Solid 4

Another scene Kojima mentions is the famous Microwave hallway scene. The screen is split up horizontally, and on the top half you see a cutscene of all the characters that have been supporting Snake throughout his mission, while the bottom half shows the gameplay, where Snake is dragging himself through the hallway. The player has to frantically tap the triangle button to get Snake to move while his body is deteriorating. Kojima explains that this was something unique that hasn’t been done before, with the upper half of the screen being a cutscene and the bottom half gameplay.


Single shot camerawork
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes / The Phantom Pain

In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, the make use of a new kind of camerawork they had not used in the past: long single shot scenes that go straight to gameplay. Kojima mentions how he likes this new approach.


Rescuing Chico
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 

In Ground Zeroes, the cutscene when Snake frees Chico, this scene changes depending on the player’s actions. There are other prisoners in the cages, and how they react changes depending on how many you have rescued. If you’ve saved all of the other POWs, the cutscene will be different once again. Kojima wants people to try this and is looking forward to their reaction.


Source: IGN

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