Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes high in European sales charts

March 20th (and March 21st for the UK) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was released in Europe. Here is how the newest installment in the franchise did in several European countries. These charts are for week 12 (March 17 – 23), except for the UK list at the end.


  • In Sweden, The PlayStation 4 version sits at second place, beaten only by InFamous: Second Son. The PlayStation 3 version is at number 15.
  • Norway is almost exactly the same as Sweden, with the PS4 version at second place and the PS3 version at number 16.
  • In Finland, the PlayStation 4 version sits at number 3, while the PlayStation 3 version can be found at number 7.
  • In Denmark we see only the PS4 version, it is ranked 6th.
  • In Germany, the PS4 version appears at number 3, followed by the PS3 version at 7 and the Xbox One version at 12. The Xbox 360 version enters as low as number 60.
  • The French charts show the PlayStation 4 version at the second spot in the top 5. On PlayStation 4, it’s the best selling title after InFamous: Second Son, and on Xbox One it’s the best selling game after TitanFall.
  • In the Italian console charts, Ground Zeroes enters at number 2 (PS4) and 3 (PS3). Breaking down by individual platforms, it is the best selling PS3 game and the second best selling PS4 game, right after Infamous: Second Son. It is also the best selling title for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • For the second week after Ground Zeroes’ release (ending March 29), the game still holds the second spot in the UK charts, all versions combined. Breaking down by platforms, the PS4 version has dropped from second place to fourth, the Xbox One version from 5th to 12th, the PS3 version from 6th to 16th and the Xbox 360 version from 17th to 22nd.

Overall, although the game doesn’t occupy the first place anywhere, all versions of the game did quite well, but it’s clear the PlayStation 4 version is the preferred one across Europe, while the Xbox 360 version is the least popular.

Source: GfK (Scandinavia), Mediabiz (Germany), Sell (France), Chart-Track (UK), via NeoGAF, Multiplayer (Italian)

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