Kojima discusses his five favorite movies

In an interview with IGN, Hideo Kojima named his five favorite movies, and explained what they mean to him and how they inspire him.

Blade Runner

What Kojima likes about this movie is how it creates a unique world, where cultures live together in a positive way, creating something full of life. It’s not an action movie, but a philosophical one. It is also a very artistic film.

(Blade Runner directly inspired Kojima’s game Snatcher.)


Mad Max 2

Kojima likes how the characters are very distinct, and viewers get a sense of their personality and their history without them having to explain it through words. The costumes and looks of the characters say a lot about them, as well as the way they move and their expressions, and this is something that really inspired Kojima.

(In a recent interview Kojima mentioned this movie when talking about MGSV. He explained how Snake’s emotions are also shown through the other characters around him.)

Heaven and Hell

A Japanese movie by Akira Kurosawa, which uses the camera and different lenses very effectively. The movie had a real impact on Japanese society and the way it looked at kidnapping. The fact that a creative work could really change society is something that had a great impact on Kojima. He himself would someday want to make a difference in the world through his games.


Taxi Driver

Kojima often felt lonely even with people around him, and the loneliness of the main character in Taxi Driver is one of the most important aspects of the movie. Kojima feels it’s sort of the curse of the creator, who creates to feel less lonely. Knowing that other people feel this way sometimes makes Kojima feel less lonely.


2001: A Space Odyssey

This is without a doubt Kojima’s favorite movie. Kojima wanted to be an astronaut, and this movie made him feel like he went to space. He explains that Stanley Kubrick was a perfectionist. In the movie, a monolith comes down to earth, and the monkeys that gather around it evolve right there and then. Kojima feels the movie itself is like a monolith, and by watching it he can be pushed and evolve a little more.

(The names David -Snake- and Hal -Otacon- are an homage to this movie, as well as the way Peace Walker’s AI looks and how you dismantle it in the end)


Source: IGN

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