Here are the specifications of Sentinel’s iDroid iPhone case

Japanese company Sentinel has added a product page to their site showing off all the features and specifications of the Metal Gear Solid V iDroid iPhone Case, releasing worldwide this October.

In the table below you can see the size dimensions, material, and the kind of battery it uses. The device seems to have increased in price since its announcement.

iDROID iPhone Case
Price JPY 8,100
Go on Sale October, 2014
Size W85×H130×D25(mm)
Accessory Button battery (LR44)
Material ABS/PA
(C)Konami Digital Entertainment


Here is the official description taken from the website:

Product Details

From the hit video game [METAL GEAR SOLID V : GROUND ZEROES], Snake’s state-of-the-art mission support data device [iDROID] is now an iPhone case!  (For iPhone 5 & 5s)

Made into an actual 1/1 scale case, the main body is represented by the elaborate details, giving it a realistic look just like what you see in the game. 

Each part of the iDROID has numerous gimmicks, such as the power ON/OFF switch, volume control, adjustable LED light, sleep/wake switch, flip-open camera lens cover, detachable stylus pen, etc. Most of these gimmicks are actually linked with the functions on the iPhone.

Catch Phrase
The only device you need when taking on your “Everyday” missions. Good luck.


  • 1: ON/OFF Switch

By pressing the topside ON/OFF button, you can Power/OFF or Sleep/Wake your iPhone.

  • 2: Volume Control

By pushing the stick on the side up & down, you can control the volume on your iPhone.

  • 3: Camera Cover

iDROID’s camera cover can be flipped open easily when using the camera on your iPhone.

  • 4: Stylus Pen

The antenna of the iDROID can be detached to and used as a Stylus pen to maneuver through your iPhone’s touchscreen.

  • 5: LED Light

By sliding the orange PTT switch on the side, the front lens of the iDROID lights up. The lens itself can be pointed in different directions.

  • 6: Ring/Silent Switch

The outer switch on the topside is used to switch the iPhone between Ring & Silent modes.

A price for the west has not been announced yet.

Source: Sentinel Co Ltd

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