Impressive Metal Gear Solid 3 Action Figures Coming this October

Launching in October this year, Hot Toys has added two new Metal Gear figures to their store. Both are from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: Naked Snake in his sneaking suit and The Boss in her battle suit. Both are fairly large (1/6 scale), highly detailed and come with a lot of accessories, among which assault rifles, claymore mines and Davy Crockett launchers.

To order the figures or see more pictures, go here for Naked Snake and here for The Boss. Kojima has also left some photos on his Twitter.

The figures don’t come cheap though, in Japan they will cost ¥22,000, which is roughly $270, or €205. So if you want to reenact the epic battle between Big Boss and his mentor, you better start saving now.

Source: Hot Toys website

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