Kojima talks about trailers as Metal Gear Solid V’s new trailer nears completion

For the past weeks, Hideo Kojima has been working on a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, most likely to be shown during one of the E3 shows in June. Here are his latest updates.

April 25th


“Editing between times.”

April 28th


“I did little adjustment at editing room again.”

May 1st


“The edit has come near to completion.”

Again, No explosion, collapse, crash, or hanging in my next trailer this time.

During this process Kojima talked a bit about his experiences with creating game trailers over the course of his career.

I’ve been making trailers since Policenauts. Editing process hasn’t changed thou machine’s improved. Wonder which trailer you like the most. The trailer included in PC Engine version of Snatcher pilot disc was not created by trailer editing but by programming.

As being a producer in case of “Anubis” “Castlevania””Rising”, it was easier for me to edit since all elements were completed at that time. It was important to show trailer at every show event when internet wasn’t so spread back then.Load of people gather to see the trailer at every release. So I was making trailer for E3 in May, Gamescome in Aug, and TGS in Sept while working on the game development.

But the toughest part of editing trailer is gameplay scene. Esp battle scene rather than sneaking is hard to shoot. AI doesn’t move as expected, or moves differently every time. I seclude myself in the studio editing, esp 2000E3(MGS2) and 2004E3(MGS3) were the hardest ones.

Different from creating interactive game, all images and music time axis can be controlled and furthermore instead of big game development, editing trailer can be done just by oneself structuring from the stage of concept, config, edit, sound and run a telop. Because of that I enjoy editing but sometimes I question myself “Why am I doing this?”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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