Voice actress Debi Mae West talks about her role as Meryl

In an interview conducted by Chris Cooper from website Super Duper Stuff, Meryl’s voice actress Debi Mae West talked about working on Metal Gear and her career in general.

Debi Mae West thinks that one of the reasons the voice acting in Metal Gear Solid was so well received is because director Kris Zimmerman decided to have the actors in the studio together when recording lines. “David and I worked together for most of the game. I was rarely in the booth without him. [Kris Zimmerman] created energy between us and really helped us develop the relationship.”


What is also interesting is the parallel between the real world and the recording of Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid 4. For the recording sessions of the latter one, Debi Mae West and David Hayter met again after a long time, just like Snake and Meryl in the game. And during that time, a lot has changed. For example, Meryl has matured a lot since MGS1 and even leads her own unit in MGS4.


When asked about her favorite line in the series, Debi Mae West replied that ‘La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo always comes to mind’. But she also wants to add the following line from MGS4 (Meryl talking to Johnny, who she later marries): “I want a real wedding, with flowers and a cake, and I want to be a bride. Take me home, Johnny.”


The author also asked if she would want to return for a future Metal Gear game if given the chance. “Oh my God come on. I love Meryl. I’d be so honoured. Knowing who I am now and myself as a voice actor I feel I could bring a colour to her that wasn’t there before.”

To read the entire interview, head on over to Super Duper Stuff.

Source: Super Duper Stuff

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