Death Metal Gear song and more on this week’s Kojima Station

Ever wondered what a death metal Metal Gear song would sound like? Metal Gear Solid V’s composer Ludvig ‘Ludo’ Forrsell created just that, remixing the Ground Zeroes alert song to sound like something played by a metal band.



The song is called ‘Ground Up Zeroes: Death Metal Gear’, and can be heard during the latest Kojima Station, or downloaded for free at this link on Kojima Station’s official webpage.


There may be coming more remixes at Kojima Station, as Ludo was working on a jazz version of Peace Walker’s Heaven’s Divide.


Also addressed during this week’s episode was the absence of Metal Gear Online information. Sean Eyestone assured they are seeing the comments of the fans who want to hear more about the game, but at this point there are not ready to show anything. But in the future, they will have ‘a lot to show’.

Another listener asked about the theory going around that Quiet might be Chico. The staff didn’t really want to say wether this is true or not, but based on their reactions it seems pretty unlikely.

After requests by fans they will try to get Quiet actress Stephanie Joosten on the show.

The hosts also encouraged people to let them know if people want certain content shown during either the Japanese or the English show localized (English subs for Japanese content for example).

Finally, for some interesting insight into the casting process of Metal Gear Solid V provided during the show, go here.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 6

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