MGSV The Phantom Pain’s E3 trailer will show hints of what happens to Snake

As Kojima continues to work on this year’s E3 trailer for The Phantom Pain, he gave some more hints of what we can expect from it.

“Did some adjustment for the trailer during lunch break.”

Here is what he said about the trailer:

Likewise I expect type of E3 trailers this year will be like Hollywood action movie organized with explosion, collapse, destruction, hanging, car-chase, magnificent vista or mob scene. But what I’m making is different from those mentioned above. Trying less lines/scripts.

As got feedback from people played GZ that they wanna revenge in TPP, I’m adding hints of what happens to Snake & his team in E3 trailer.

It seems like Kojima will be in Los Angeles for E3 this year. The show starts June 9th.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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