Konami teases: More Metal Gear Solid V on June 10th

Konami has posted teasers on their official Facebook and Twitter pages, showing an image from last year’s Phantom Pain trailer accompanied by the text: “June 10th. E3. Snake Returns.”

June 10th. E3. Snake Returns.

Looking at the schedule of this year’s conferences, neither Sony nor Microsoft have their show on that day, but rather the day before, on June 9th. So maybe Konami will once again have their own show. The previous three years they had pre-recorded E3 videos. So far no announcements have been made by the company though. They did however put up a countdown site. Not much information can be found there yet, but it seems likely this is the place they’re going to stream the show from.

Either way, mark the day in your agenda. More information will most likely follow very soon.

Source: Konami Twitter, Facebook

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