Kojima Productions prepares for E3

Kojima Productions is busy preparing for E3, which starts this Monday. There will be a 30 minute gameplay demo, played live by Tan Ziang and narrated by Sean Eyestone. This demo will be for invited press only, and won’t appear online, at least not right away.

Preparing a demonstration like that takes a lot of practice, and Kojima posted some photos of a practice session. Also attending was the Japanese voice actor for Kazuhira Miller. Aside from the gameplay demo, he also got to see the E3 trailer, which will be available for everyone and is going to be about 5 minutes in length.


“Kaz made this freaking face when he saw MGSV TPP E3 trailer during his VO session.”


“For practicing MGSV TPP gameplay presentation for E3, showed to our team member to see their reaction. Played by Tan.”


“I also invited Kaz to watch the gameplay preview after his VO session. Kaz seems shocked again. ha ha, thank you.”

On June 9th, Kojima will also appear on Spike TV’s E3 coverage show ‘All Access Live’ for an interview with Geoff Keighley.

Kojima also posted this rather mysterious tweet, which could have something to do with MGSV (some suggest it’s a photo of the E3 poster, and this is a close up of Ocelot):


“Watch Diamond Dogs”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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