Donna Burke hints at more ‘Sins of the Father’ in MGSV: The Phantom Pain E3 2014 trailer

Donna Burke, the Australian singer who could be heard in last year’s E3 trailer of The Phantom Pain, hinted on her Facebook page at the song being used again for this year’s trailer. She said that we can expect ‘maybe a bit more’ of Sins of the Father, as well as the iDroid navigation.

I must say I'm really looking forward to seeing (and hearing šŸ™‚ the new Phantom Pain trailer at E3 next week…very excited!

Gepostet von Donna Burke am Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014


Aside fromĀ providing the voice of Snake’s iDroid in MGSV: Ground Zeroes and Sins of the Father in The Phantom Pain, Donna BurkeĀ also didĀ another song for the game (part of which can be heard at the beginning of the Red Band trailer). She contributed earlier to the series with the song Heaven’s Divide in Peace Walker.

Thanks to Batzi for the tip!

Source: Donna Burke Facebook Page

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