More Kojima at E3 2014 Photos – includes picture of the gameplay demo

During the second day of E3, Kojima Productions continues to present Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to the press using the 30 minute gameplay demo. Here are some comments and a bunch of photos by Kojima – one of them gives a small taste of the demo.

“E3 Day2. I will have interview all day today hope have some time to check other games out.”

“Having TPP gameplay demo at E3 & received very positive responses by introducing few of the features like Fulton& C-Box in free sneaking.”

“Knocking wall, the most feedback we received after GZ release has been included. Lots of walls & almost any others to knock in Afghanistan.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Outer-Heaven-T-Shirt “Black OUTER HEAVEN T.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Outer-Heaven-Bag “Only 2 of these exist in this world.”

“I found Mike Oldfield’s new album MAN ON THE ROCK at music store few months ago and ever since I listened to NUCLEAR, I got the image of Snake and it naturally developed basic idea of the trailer.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Konami-Booth-Setup “E3Day2. Konami booth somewhat like C-Box?”

Kojima-E3-2014-Konami-Booth-Interview-Room “Kojima Productions briefing room for media interview.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Konami-Booth-Interview-Room-2 “You can look up to the sky.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Ludo “Lud has arrived.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Gameplay-Demo-Picture “Rehearsing gameplay demo.”

Kojima-E3-2014-Jackie-Playing “Tan playing.”

“Had interview with 18 media outlets and 1 more to go for today.”

“The last interview today was with TIME. Finished.”


“Today’s mission completed.”

After that Kojima went to check out some of the other games at the show, such as The Order 1886 and Tom Clancy’s The Division.


“Had dinner with LA studio staff.”


“Night view.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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