Interviews and lots of awards on E3 2014 day 3 – Photos by Kojima

Here are Hideo Kojima’s comments and photos of his third day at the E3 of 2014. Kojima did several interviews, and went to play some Far Cry 4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has received several ‘Best of E3’ awards by different media, which were displayed on the wall at the Konami booth.

“Good morning, E3 Day3.”


“1st thing in the morning, Kojima Station.”

“Let me know your feedback on TPP gameplay demo(some parts) introduced in the archive of Kojima Station.”

“Gameplay demo was played by PS4. You get to see mother base in last half.”

“If you keep staying on the fulton container, the weather will get stable and be able to get back to MB if lucky.”




“Came back to the briefing room at E3.”


“I had a live interview in GAMESPOT.”


“And then IGN.”

For a summary of both interviews, follow this link.




“Here’s what we got even some media won’t give out nominee to titles that didn’t submit in advance (by Judgement Day)”


“E3 is over, see you next year.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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