Fox Engine to be Demonstrated in July

Hideo Kojima is touring Europe right now, attending UNIQLO signing sessions and masterclasses. In one of those, in Paris, he gave an interview in which he revealed some interesting information.

According to Kojima, the Fox Engine will be demonstrated the month after E3. Metal Gear celebrates its 25th anniversary this year – to be precise, July 1987 is the date Metal Gear came out in Japan – and for this occasion the studio will show what their new engine can do. Kojima mentioned it will probably be in the form of an ad, and it won’t be Project Ogre (which is running on Fox Engine), just a demo of the engine itself.

It is likely to expect this demo on July 7, which is the exact date the Metal Gear series reaches its 25th Anniversary.

Source:, Metal Gear Aimgehess

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