Kojima: Doing something new is difficult, staff often does not understand

On Twitter, Kojima expressed some of the challenges that can arise for a creator when he tries to do something new, something that only exists inside the creator’s head at that point. Kojima often faced resistance when trying to do something that hadn’t been done before, or that was unusual, and often this resistance came from the inside.

No one has seen “new thing”, for this reason it is new. Creating new thing is difficult. New thing exists only in the head of creator. Thus even staff won’t know what it is. No idea how it will be received by audience. In the end, you gotta believe in yourself.

This is something I don’t wanna believe but negative force could often come from long relationship fellows rather than outsiders. It happens when we start new project. I shall watch for that.

“It’s improbable for game to run away from enemy”(Metal Gear),”It’s out of question to make adv game with shooting sequence”(Snatcher), “It’s mistake using sun as gamer stays inside”(Boktai), “It’s useless having survival feature in stealth game”(MGS3). All came from my team.

Surprisingly, the one who understands exists outside instead of inside.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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