Code Talker head sculpt returns in Japanese voice recording session

On his Japanese Twitter, Kojima has shared a couple of photos of a recording session. On the pictures, we can see the realistic head sculpt of MGSV: TPP’s character Code Talker that was used for 3D scanning, and Code Talker’s Japanese voice actor Osamu Saka.



“What the…?”


“Does Code Talker join?”

MGSV-The-Phantom-Pain-Code-Talker-Head-Sculpt-and-Japanese-ActorOn another photo, Kojima poses with Mikami (Ocelot), Osamu Saka (Code Talker), Otsuka (Snake) and Sugita (Kaz).



“BOSS with Murashu during VO session.” (Photo by Ayako)

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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