Metal Gear fan remake shut down, but here’s a trailer featuring David Hayter

Remember the fan remake of the original Metal Gear that was announced a few months back? Well, unfortunately, the project has been shut down. In correspondence we had with the producer, he explains:

“Unfortunately we can no longer go ahead with the project, it seems like the guys over at Konami couldn’t agree on a decision so had no choice but to shut us down. Even though it’s unfortunate, we’re thankful for all the help and support we’ve received from Konami, MGInformer, Kotaku etc. Especially the fans.”

It’s a shame, since it did look promising. Here is a trailer showing the work so far. As you can see, even David Hayter was on board to provide Snake’s voice.

Aside from David Hayter, the team also had several other additional industry professionals helping out on the project:

“I should have probably mentioned that Hayter was helping with the script too, along with that we had other industry professionals on the team as well:

  • Adhem Belkhadra from Ubisoft (Gears of War, Just Dance, the Cursed Crusade, etc.) working on the level mapping.
  • Kaue Lemos from Insane Games (Earth Under Seige, Bubble Up, etc.) working on the sound effects.
  • Orion Acaba (Fire Emblem, Infamous series, etc.) working on the voice acting.
  • Paul Eiding (Roy Campbell) was also on board in a cameo.

Besides that we had a guy from Sony’s XDev team working with us but left due to availability and we had interested from ATV/Sony Music Publishing who wanted to provide the games soundtrack.”

The team is planning an original IP now, saying that this isn’t the last we will hear of them.


Update 26/8/2014: The team has changed its name and is now working on a new project. Quoting executive producer Ian Ratcliffe:

Following the closure of the Metal Gear remake on Konami’s behalf, the team has decided to break away from the MGS Universe with a new company name, along with a new project to work on.

Outer Heaven Productions has now became Big Cake Games and has begun production on an original IP. Currently codenamed Project Afterglow, the team is tackling the horror genre with an idea (they think) hasn’t been done before. The game will implement action and stealth and is set between a not so distant future and the main characters past.

More details to come over the coming weeks with interviews also scheduled.

You can keep up-to-date with all info about the game at;

The team is also recruiting, if you’re interested you can contact [email protected]

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