David Hayter on cancelled Metal Gear fan remake: ‘It was really fun to go back and do a young Snake again’

In an online meeting taking place several days ago between various people behind the unofficial Metal Gear remake, including the game’s producer Ian Ratcliffe and the composer, several aspects of the project were discussed. Also present for the largest part of the conversation was none other than David Hayter, voice of Snake, who also lent a hand to the project. They looked back at how the project came to be, and how it eventually ended, and they talked a bit about Big Cake Games’ (as they are now called) new project.

Hayter explained how he got involved in the project, and that he actually approached the team himself, after many fans on Twitter suggested that it would be cool if he could do the voice over.

“I’m big into Twitter, and you know, I have a fairly significant base of people who only seem to live and breathe Metal Gear, and so when this came up, you know, they instantly started saying: oh, wouldn’t it be cool if we got David Hayter and so on and so forth, and I found Ian [Ratcliffe], and I just sent him a note and said: look, if you want me to do it, I’m happy to do it. So that’s how it happened.”

The dialogue in the trailer was all that was recorded so far of David Hayter.


When talking about the trailer, David Hayter mentioned that one thing he found particularly cool was to go back and do a young Snake again. The interview asked if Hayter has the range to do different ages. “If I want to do a young voice, I pitch it up, I put a little more energy into it, I pretend like I still believe in things, and that sort of thing. If I need to be older, certainly for Old Snake, I roughed it up a bit.”

Hayter also gave a small tour around his office, where he has a MGS3 Calorie Mate, and figures of the Shagohod, Old Snake and Naked Snake.

To watch the whole conversation, go here.

Source: Pursuitery Geekout

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