Tokyo Game Show concludes with new Shinkawa character art and info

On the final day of Tokyo Game Show 2014, a couple of new details were shared during the last stage events. Some additional information is taken from Kojima’s interview with Dengeki Online.

  • Both the horse and the dog (DD) can die. This goes for AI buddies in general, so even Quiet can meet this fate.
  • Once your buddies are dead, they’re dead for good. This won’t affect the main plot though.
  • As said before, you can beat the game without meeting Quiet at all, and the same goes for the dog. But meeting them opens up whole sub-plots.
  • During the missions you can bring more than one buddy. There are four seats on the chopper aside the one for Snake.
  • Ocelot was a buddy at some point, but at the moment he isn’t. He may or may not become a buddy.
  • Kojima: “What Snake and his men go through in TPP is painful. Very painful.”
  • “The concept behind Quiet was nudity. A naked sniper.” Kojima also reiterated the reason behind the way she looks will surprise us. But no, she isn’t Chico, as Kojima confirmed.
  • Characters in the game question Quiet’s appearance, but there’s a reason for it.
  • Missions in The Phantom Pain will take several hours to complete, with some even taking as long as 6 hours.

During the Virtue Stage event, character artwork by Yoji Shinkawa was shown as well, including some new stuff.

MGSV-TGS-2014-Art-CharactersMGSV-TGS-2014-Art-Snake MGSV-TGS-2014-Art-Quiet MGSV-TGS-2014-Art-Ocelot MGSV-TGS-2014-Art-Kaz

Shinkawa stated that it’s always difficult to design an entirely new character, such as Quiet. He also said he tried to make Kaz a dignified character.

And this last stage event concludes Metal Gear’s presence at Tokyo Game Show 2014.



Source: JunkerHQ, TGS 2014 Virtue Stage,

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