Kojima talks about Solid Snake taking on Vulcan Raven’s tank single-handedly

Maybe you remember the amusing codec call in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots during which Otacon wants to know how Snake was able to defeat Raven’s M1 tank single-handedly. It seems like this chat was inspired by a real conversation between Kojima and an army squad leader. On Twitter, Kojima said:

“When I visited desert range in US army base to interview tanker squad team for MGS1, I asked squad leader how could a man with flesh and blood defeat tanker. He said “such situation won’t happen” with complete denial. It makes total sense by watching “FURY”..”

It’s interesting¬†how years later he would use this anecdote in Metal Gear Solid 4, with¬†Otacon having asked this question to an army officer. Still, Snake was able to defeat the tank, because, well… he’s a badass. Scientifically proven.

Source: Twitter (1 and 2)

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