David Hayter talks about the Metal Gear Solid movie, would be interested in playing Snake

In an interview with IGN, former Snake voice actor David Hayter talked a bit about the Metal Gear Solid movie that is now in the works. He was asked whether he had been approached for the role of Snake, but answered that nobody ‘banged on his door about that yet’. “I’m certainly up for playing Solid Snake.” he said. However, Kojima said a while ago that they would probably use an unknown actor for the role, so it isn’t very likely. Avi Arad, who is producing the film, talked to Hayter about it 8 or 10 years ago, but at the time they were unable to close the deal with Sony.

Hayter was also asked what he thought would have to be in the movie. He answered that first of all, it has to have a certain tone: scary, suspenseful, big. “It feels like these events impact the whole world.” Hayter explained. There also has to be an emphasis on intertwining relationships between the characters, as well as betrayal and suspicion of superiors. There is always more to the mission than what it seems at first. What it comes down to is this story of one man who risks his life to save the world, wether it is under someone’s orders or on his own.


David Hayter in MGS4’s live action intro sequence

Hayter also pointed out the importance of the level of detail and reality that can be found in the games. He mentioned the Human Genome Project in the first Metal Gear Solid game, as well as the private military companies, as prescient elements. “Of course, you need a giant walking battle tank at the end, or it’s just not Metal Gear.” Hayter concluded his list of requirements.

On the subject of video game movies in general, Hayter sees two ways they can work: “You either need an incredibly talented writer and director to come in and put together an amazing vision, or you need a game like Metal Gear, which is very cinematic, has a huge amount of history behind it, but whose cinematic experience is very different from what you’d get in a theater. The storytelling is a lot more Japanese in its flavor. It’s very long and very complex in a way that you couldn’t do in a movie.”

In any case, it’s clear that David Hayter cares about the Metal Gear universe, and he wants the movie to do the games justice: “Whatever they do, I hope they keep it true to the spirit of what Metal Gear is, because it’s such a remarkable and unique world.”

To read the full interview, which also talks about other subjects such as Hayter’s new movie, follow the link below.

Source: IGN

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