How Phil LaMarr came up with Vamp’s voice

In an interview published on website Alternative Nation, Phil LaMarr talked a bit about his role as Vamp in the Metal Gear Solid games, who he voices in the English versions of MGS2 and MGS4.

LaMarr was brought in by casting director Kris Zimmerman to audition for a couple of different roles. She explained that Vamp was ‘a very strange character’, and they had a bit of trouble finding the right actor for him. After she described the character, Phil LaMarr could understand why they were having difficulties. “Vamp’s maybe sort of European but not really a distinct accent. He may not be a real vampire… it’s all very vague.. And there’s this vague sexuality about it, and I just sorta focused on the vampire-ness.”


LaMarr tried to think of a voice for someone who doesn’t breathe air. “I tried to take as much oxygen, as much air out of the voice as I could. […] So it was very, low, and very creepy…” The team was immediately convinced that this was the voice they were looking for.

Phil LaMarr also said he auditioned for Metal Gear because he really loved the first game.

Source: Alternative Nation, via

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