Kojima Playing the Metal Gear Rising Demo

Kojima posted a photo on his Twitter of himself playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, very likely the demo that will be presented at E3. Not much to see here, but fun to share nonetheless.

It’s too small to see anything clearly on the screen, although you can make out some sort of a HUD, resembling life bars, in the upper left corner (click to enlarge). It looks like there is a second, blue bar below the green one, which most likely can be filled to trigger a special move or enhanced strength. The color resembles that of electricity, so maybe it has to be filled by ripping the spines out of enemy robots.

The game will clearly have a big presence at Konami’s conference tomorrow, judging by this teaser poster Konami released.

Today (tomorrow for Europeans) we will finally know more about the game when a new gameplay trailer will be released, followed by a stage demo on June 4th. Check out Konami’s whole schedule here.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter, Kojima Productions Japan Twitter

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