Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D getting a digital rerelease

Konami has announced it is rereleasing two Metal Gear Solid games on digital platforms.

In Japan, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for PlayStation 3 is coming to PlayStation Network on December 17th. The game will cost 2980 yen and includes trophy support.

In Europe, the game will be available on PSN on the same date, for €20, with a file size of 30GB.

In North America, MGS4 will be released on PSN on December 16th.


Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, the 3DS remake of MGS3 that was released in 2012, is coming to the Japanese eShop on December 16th, which is exactly ten years after the Japanese release of the original game on PlayStation 2.


The digital version of the game will cost 4500 yen and includes a theme for the 3DS operating system. The theme will come with a FOX wallpaper, Snake Eater theme music, MGS series cursor sound effects, and folder icons in cardboard box style. This theme will also be sold separately for 200 yen.


Source: MGS 3D Official Website,, JunkerHQ, Konami Europe, Konami

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