New rumor speculates The Phantom Pain will release on June 22nd 2015

Following a lack of a much anticipated release date at The Game Awards 2014, a new theory has surfaced on the web. During the show, Kojima was wearing a t-shirt with Swedish text (partially obscured by his jacket). It was translated by a reddit user, and says the following: 22nd and the 6th. This could in turn be interpreted as the 22nd day of the 6th month, or in other words, June 22nd.


The fact that it’s in Swedish could be another hint, since the reveal of The Phantom Pain was through the fake Swedish Moby Dick Studios lead by ‘Joakim Mogren’. Also, a June release date would be pretty plausible, since Metal Gear games have come out in this month before. But keep in mind, this is still just a fan theory, probably sparked by a certain degree of desolation and devastation caused by the lack of a release date. Then again, it’s Kojima we’re talking about here.

Update: The story continues, as anther reddit user suggests an alternative explanation. Ever since the reveal of The Phantom Pain, we have seen many references to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. But here is the thing: Moby Dick was the writer’s sixth novel. And the 22nd chapter in the novel is called ‘Merry Christmas’. So that could be all it is: Kojima wishing everyone a merry christmas in a cryptic manner. Or maybe he has something to announce during Kojima Station, as there is an episode planned for christmas day. Time will tell.

Source: Reddit MGS, 2via

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