Kojima visits LA studio and teases us with Metal Gear Online PlayStation 4 dashboard image

After leaving Las Vegas Hideo Kojima flew straight to Los Angeles, where the new Kojima Productions studio is based that is currently developing Metal Gear Online, and of course, he shared some pictures of his visit.

Update: More photos have been added (some of them uploaded by the MetalGearOnline Twitter account).

“Arrived at LA studio.”

Kojima-Productions-LA-December-2014 Kojima-Productions-LA-December-2014-2“Ocky’s desk in MGO team, LA.”

Kojima-Productions-LA-MGO Kojima-Productions-LA-MGO-2

“Robert Peeler, MGO community manager of LA Studio.”Kojima-Productions-LA-Robert-Peeler Kojima-Productions-LA-Robert-Peeler-2

“Check monitors for MGO multiplay. Like Matrix.”Kojima-Productions-LA-MGO-16-Players-Check


Kojima-Productions-LA-December-2014-2 Kojima-Productions-LA-December-2014 Kojima-Productions-LA-Lunch-2 Kojima-Productions-LA-Lunch





“Here’s Tom Sekine, the head of LA studio MGO developing team.”

Kojima-Productions-LA-Tom-Sekine-2 Kojima-Productions-LA-Tom-Sekine

“今日のBOSS!” – Ayako TwitterHideo-Kojima-Los-Angeles-December-2014-2

Oh and by the way, just what website is Robert Peeler browsing…?


Aw yeah!

Update: More photos added below.


“The team is looking at the latest updates. I think is impressed” – MetalGearOnline Twitter


“Played MGO with LA dev team so did Robert, our community manager.” – Hideo KojimaKojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-2 Kojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-3 Kojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-4 Kojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-5

“Liked!” – Hideo KojimaKojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-6

“LA studio.” – Hideo KojimaKojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-7 Kojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-8 Kojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-9 Kojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-10 Kojima-KP-LA-Studio-Visit-MGO-11

“Can’t say in what way right now but say hi to the creator! He’s also working on even more decoys!” – MetalGearOnline TwitterMetal-Gear-Online-Developer

“Remote game check b/w Tokyo-LA with KoreP & Matsuhana.” – Hideo KojimaMetal-Gear-Online-Remote-Check-Camera Metal-Gear-Online-Remote-Check-Screens

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, MGO Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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