Photos of Kojima’s second day at Kojima Productions LA are shrouded in secrecy

Hideo Kojima has spent another day at the studio’s office in Los Angeles. His visit is accompanied by more photos, but many of them are quite secretive and mysterious.



“I’m in the meeting.”

On the next photo you can see a room full of computer screens, all of them blurred out.


Next, some pictures of what looks like a regular hot dog, but the text ‘Never Be Game Over’ as well as the image of a pig with an eyepatch may be familiar. They can both be seen on Eli’s jacket in the E3 2014 trailer of The Phantom Pain.

Kojima-LA-Hot-Dog Kojima-LA-Hot-Dog-2

Then there’s an image of the Phantom Pain Bible, a book most likely containing all sorts of information we won’t learn for a while. Kojima wrote the text ‘TOP SECRET’ to go along with this tweet.


And this tweet by the official Metal Gear Online account, accompanied by the text: “More secrets, but we can’t show you too much!” The screen is partly covered with a piece of paper, to obscure something we’re not supposed to see.



“Curious who made those killer wallpapers? Meet one of our UI artists! He was also instrumental in making the trailer.” – Metal Gear Online Twitter



“Remote game check with Tokyo team.”


“Pic with Robert, MGO Community Manager.”


“Pic with OMER, UI Artist.”


“Was patrolling the corridors when I got held-up! Caught it on camera! Best Friends Forever!” – Omer Younas Twitter


“End of the day in LA studio.”


“See you soon! LA studio!”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter, Metal Gear Online Twitter, Omer Younas Twitter

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