Metal Gear Online development team photos and some small updates

Last week the new Metal Gear Online was finally unveiled at the Video Game Awards in Las Vegas. The multiplayer game is being developed by the new Kojima Productions studio in Los Angeles and will be included with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launching next year.

Since then, the team has constantly been asking for feedback and suggestions from the fans. If you have something you want to suggest, you can tweet to the official Metal Gear Online Twitter account.

On a couple of pictures posted by the same account are some of the people from the development team.


“Creative director @ocky634 posted “Lead prgmr Yenal is hard at work. Reminds me of when I used to be a programmer…”


“Another @ocky634 moment!: “MGO evaluation play today again! Robert in as usual. Hey Franco, focus!”


“The team who manned each trailer character on screen wear many hats at KJP-LA. We took a moment to capture a few.”

So all the characters seen in the trailer were actually controlled by people, there were no AIs.


“Posted by @ocky634 Lead designer Jonathan (an early studio hire) working on a #MGO map using the fox engine!”


“Warm holiday season gift to MGO team from SCEA Publisher & Developer Relations. Thanks, Adam!” – Tom Sekine Twitter

It has also been confirmed through the Japanese Twitter that preset codec messages will return in the new Metal Gear Online.

Source: Metal Gear Online Official Twitter, JunkerHQ, Tom Sekine Twitter

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