Konami E3 Conference Features Metal Gear Rising Gameplay Trailer and Info

Konami’s E3 2012 conference consisted of a half hour long pre-recorded showing of upcoming games. One of the segments was about the 25th Anniversary of Metal Gear Solid, but not much new information was shared here. The next segment was about Metal Gear Solid: Rising. It started of with a brand new gameplay trailer.

At the end of the trailer a release window for early 2013 is revealed, which probably means the first quarter, so somewhere between January and April.

In the game, Raiden will be able to perform a dashing move called Ninja Run, which will allow him to move quickly over obstacles and climb structures. Raiden can also destroy parts of the environments and even use them as weapons.

The team explains that their goal was to make the cool looking moves from MGS4’s cutscenes playable in this game. They also mentioned this game is mainly aimed at fans of action games, but that Metal Gear fans will probably be satisfied as well.

In addition, the exact time in which the game takes place was revealed: Metal Gear Rising takes place 9 years after MGS4, in the year 2023.

You can watch the entire show, which also features interviews with the Metal Gear Rising staff, here.

The game will be playable at the E3 show floor next week.

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