New Metal Gear Online info: player numbers, maps, dynamic weather

In an interview with MGO’s creative director Kotaro Oki, some new bits of information regarding the game have been revealed.

  •  It seems still unclear if MGO will launch on the same day as MGSV: TPP, but they’re considering a simultaneous launch.
  •  The number of players is still to be decided, they are looking for the number that offers the most fun, somewhere between 12 and 16. With too much players, the feeling of teamwork would be lost.
  •  As announced earlier, preset radio messages will return as a means of communications.
  •  The SOP system is replaced by MGSV’s marking system. When you mark an enemy player, the information is shared with the rest of your team. This information is one of the keys to victory.
  •  To keep the game fast paced, matches take place in self-contained maps with various climates and types of terrain, not in an open world.
  •  There will be dynamic weather as well, like in the story mode, and this will have an effect on the gameplay. Because matches don’t last very long, there will be no dynamic time, but players are able to select a time of day instead.
  •  There will be game modes with various rules, from common to unique. As announced earlier, Team Sneaking will make a return, which equips the attacking team with non-lethal weapons and stealth camo and the defending team with lethal weapons.
  •  They plan to include the selfie-feature in the game.
  •  There will be ways in which an inexperienced player can assist more experienced teammates, for example, by marking enemies with the binoculars.
  •  The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Online will affect each other in regards to some elements, but those elements having to do with game balance are kept separate, so players aren’t forced to go through TPP in order to be good in MGO.

All translation by Marc at JunkerHQ.


Source: 4Gamer, via JunkerHQ

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