Donna Burke talks about her involvement creating The Phantom Pain’s theme song Sins of the Father: ‘The best song I’ve ever done’

In an interview with website Gaming Moe, Donna Burke, the Australian singer and actor who is performing several songs in Metal Gear Solid V, as well as providing the voice for Snake’s iDroid, talked about her involvement in the creation of the song, among other topics.

During the interview she mentioned how she did not like some of the lyrics of Heaven’s Divide [one of Peace Walker’s main themes, also by Donna Burke], and suggested changes which were accepted by Kojima Productions. With Sins of the Father, there was also a lot of going back and forth during the creation of the song, with specific input from Kojima as well. All in order to create the best thing they possibly can. “It really is about the fans – the fans are… really indulged by Kojima. Just pure indulgence!” Donna Burke said. “They wanted to exceed every expectation from Heaven’s Divide and just slam it out of the ballpark into another galaxy. Which I think they’ve achieved, absolutely.”


In response to the question what gaming related work means the most to her, Donna Burke said: “Sins of the Father, without a doubt. There’s something really powerful about that song on a non-language level – just the sound and the chords.”

She expressed her appreciation for the song earlier in the interview as well, even calling it the best song she’s ever done: “It’s such an awesome, fabulous song. It’s such an honor, honest to god. The best song I’ve ever done.”

To read the full interview, in which Donna Burke talks about other topics and roles she has done as well, head over to Gaming Moe.

You can listen to part of Sins of the Father in the video below (keep in mind that the music heard during the E3 2013 trailer actually consists of two songs, as confirmed by Donna Burke herself).

Source: Gaming Moe, via TheSnakeSoup

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